Passive PoE Adapter Kit splitter + injector

Single Inline 10/100 Mode B Splitter and Injector Kit, 5.5×2.1 mm DC Barrel (POE-INJ-EXTR)


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Use this Inline PoE Splitter/Injector Kit to instantly upgrade your network router or switch to PoE. Use with a 5-48 volt DC power supply to extend passive power to one device via a Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable. The 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC barrel fits most cameras and devices

Product Features:

  • Simple, low-cost solution for Passive PoE
  • Passive Mode B PoE is “always on” / PoE will output the same input voltage
  • Kit will combine power and data; carry over Ethernet cable; then “split” power and data off on to corresponding adapter
  • Use for 12/24/48V and other applications
  • Allows you to extend Power further distances via PoE to non-PoE devices
  • The 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm DC connector fits most device
  • Compatible with 5-48 volt DC power supplies (sold separately)


Data + PoE Ports 1
Data Ports 1
Data Rate 10/100
Dimensions 18.5x2x2 cm
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 -60C
PoE Method Passive
Power Input 2.1mm DC
Weight 55 g
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