Baseus Travel Charger Bojure series Dual USB quick charge 23W White (CCALL-AG02)


Baseus Bojure 2x USB Wall Adapter Λευκό (CCALL-AG02)


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Introducing the Bojure Series Dual-USB EU wall charger, featuring Flash 3.0 charging intelligent technology to support Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and Smartisan quick charging.

  • One hour charging test of Samsung S8 using this charger = battery power 66% achieved when compared to standard 5W charger = 35% achieved *
  • Intelligent quick charging master chip more powerful and faster than ever before
  • Dual ports: Port 1 – USB 1A charging for ordinary devices such as standard mobile phones, power banks and so on; Port 2 – Flash Charge 3.0 port for Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung.
  • Intelligent automatic detection of device and matching output current
  • Widely compatible for Apple, Micro, Type-C
  • Mini, compact and portable – perfect for travelling
  • Fireproof / temperature resistant / shatter resistant
  • Over-current protection, over voltage protection, over charge protection, over heat protection, short-circuit protection
  • EU standard – Input 100 – 240V
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