Baseus Tablet Tool AP Pencil Silicone holder Red (ACBZ-AP09)


Baseus Tablet Tool AP Pencil Silicone holder Red (ACBZ-AP09)


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Stand for Apple Pencil stylus

    • Easy access anytimeImproved user efficiencyandclean and tidy desktop.
    • Soft silicone for protection of pencil tip– Great protection =longer service lifefor Apple Pencil.
    • Crosswise/lengthwise placement– AP pencil can be stably placed on pencil holdereither in crosswise or lengthwise placement.
    • Silicone pencil cap– No more concern about knocking and missing cap during charging.
    • Containment details– Base of pencil holdermay contain lightning converter and spare pencil point.
    • Excellent stability– Stable placement thanks to using ofsilicone materialandproper counterweight.
    • Dustproof designFree of dust buildup, making cleaning easier than ordinary silicone. Maintaining clean and aesthetic.
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