Baseus Car Mount YY vehicle-mounted phone charging holder with cable (Lightning) Red (SULYY-09)


Baseus Car Mount YY vehicle-mounted phone charging holder with cable (Lightning) Red (SULYY-09)


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    • Gravity air vent car phone holder with USB/Lightning cable included
    • One-handed operation – You only need one hand to fully operate the holder. Without annoying adjusting. With the auto clip, the mount is always ready to put down and ready to take away. Also, the minimalistic hallow-carved design offers great heat dissipation, enabling use while charging. You may be sure that the temperature does not go up.
    • Antishock design – With triangular stability, it adapts to bumpy road conditions like speed bumps, sudden braking, and rugged mountain roads. The mount is always stable as a mountain.
    • Convenient and timely charging – Easy access to the home touch and charging holes. You can charge your phone without taking it out of the holder.
    • Cable with unique design – Lightning plug has 2 anti-skid shrapnels on both sides that are perfectly fitted to the cut-out in holder base. Thanks to that convenient design plug are steady even on most bumping roads. Charging will not be interrupted.
    • Fast and safe charging – 2A current wires provide a faster, secure and more stable charging than slow car wireless chargers.
    • Fully adjustable – The omnidirectional rotating sphere ensures 360-degree adjustment of point of view. You can choose the best angle to see the phone screen.
    • Enhanced protection with silicone cover – All inner clips surface is protected with silicone material that not only can prevent minor scratches on the phone cover but also provide convenient and effortless mounting.


    • Brand: Baseus
    • Name: YY Holder
    • Material: PC + silicone
    • Fixed position: Air Outlet
    • Compatibility: devices with 55mm – 80mm inches screens
    • Size: 8,6 x 11,2 x 9,1 mm
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